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Hybrid Roundtable on Resistance to Authoritarianism

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This panel discussion, hosted by the Global Legal Studies Center at the University of Wisconsin Law School, seeks to build on discussions held during a meeting of scholars making up the Global Resistance to Authoritarian Diffusion Consortium (GRAD), which was held at King’s College London in November 2022.

The panel features scholars participating in GRAD, an international network of institutional partners dedicated to researching modalities of resistance to autocratic rule including Professors David Trubek (chair, UW), Dean Oscar Vilhena (FVG, Brazil), Professor Richard Abel (UCLA), Professor Heinz Klug (UW), Hastie Fellow Leigha Crout (UW) and Alexandra Huneeus (UW) discussant.

Panelists discussed examples and forms of resistance strategies in their country or region of focus with an emphasis on a) grassroots or non-governmental resistance, including transnational resistance measures by these groups; and b) intra-national or institutional resistance to authoritarianism and autocracy. Through identifying and sharing examples of modes of resistance by activists, social movements, and lawyers across several of our selected jurisdictions, we hope to generate new insight into how these strategies might resonate or connect with one another and provide insight into combating and reversing global trends of authoritarianism.

GRAD partner institutions include the Global Legal Studies Center at UW Law School, the Transnational Law Institute at King’s College London, and Escola de Direito de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas (Law School of FGV São Paulo).


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