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Ryleigh Horst on democracy and law in the life of a US College Student

In the last two episodes of this season, Fabio interviews two students who were engaged with PAL, and the themes we are exploring through the Project.

Today he talks to Ryleigh Horst, his former undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma.

Ryleigh did extensive studies about democracy and current trends of democratic backsliding and also stood out for her activist work. In 2021, she helped write a petition submitted to the Inter-American Human Rights Commission, to fight the execution of Julius Jones, a former OU student who received a death penalty sentence in what many understood to be an unfair trial.

In the episode, Fabio and Ryleight draw from her intellectual and political engagement on campus to reflect upon the issues central to this podcast, that is, "what is happening to democracy?" and "what does law have to do with it?".


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