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Sofia Rolim on Bolsonaro, public safety, and engaging with PAL as a Brazilian graduate student

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In the last two episodes of this season, Fabio interviews two students who were engaged with PAL, and the themes we are exploring through the Project.

Today he talks to Sofia Rolim, a Master's Student at FGV Law School in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the main institutions behind the PAL project. At FGV, Sofia took a seminar on autocratic legalism, led by PAL researchers Marta Machado and Raquel Pimenta. Sofia also became a graduate research assistant, helping with the editorial work needed for a Brazilian book on autocratic legalism, as well as with some of the organizing work needed for PAL in general.

Sofia’s own studies focus on Bolsonaro’s policies in public safety, which have led to an increase in police violence and access to firearms.

In the episode, Fabio and Sofia draw from her organizing and intellectual work in PAL to reflect upon the issues we always reflect upon on the podcast, that is, "what is happening to democracy?" and "what does law have to do with it?".


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