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Wisconsin Law hosts Workshop on Resistance to Authoritarianism

Scholars studying resistance to authoritarianism within and across countries as diverse as the Brazil, India, South Africa, the US, Hungary, China, and Israel will meet in Madison, Wisconsin, in September, 2023.

This event is part of the Global Resistance to Authoritarian Diffusion (GRAD) Project, a spin-off of the PAL Project. GRAD is supported by a consortium of institutions and initiatives that includes the Transnational Law Institute at the King's College London, the University of Wisconsin Law School's Global Studies Center, and the FGV Law School in São Paulo, Brazil.

Country studies and thematic analyses pertaining to GRAD's agenda will be presented and debated. It is expected that these studies will later become part of a book, which will add to a growing literature on resistance to democratic backsliding while placing a unique emphasis on the role law and lawyers may play in these process at both the national and transnational levels.

More information on this event will be added once it becomes available.


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